Southern Cowpeas

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Bushy plants bear medium size pods at foliage level, cream colored peas are tasty.

Quick Pick Purple Hull

True purple hull pod. Peas are white with purple eye.

Cream 12

Peas are light green and nearly round with excellent flavor.

Cream 8

Tall bushy plants bear slender pods above the foliage with excellent yield.

Cream 40

Conch type. Matures in 60 days. Early productive variety.

California Blackeyes #5

Pods are 7-8 in. long with 6-8 cream colored, dark eye peas.

Brown Crowder

Vigorous grower even on poor soil. 7-8 in. pods with 7-9 light brown peas.

Zipper Cream

Pods are filled with creamy, round, white peas and have a "zipper" for easy shelling.